Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Inspec Direct is now liveInspec Direct has gone live, giving your organisation the opportunity to

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Dear Colleague
Inspec Direct is now liveInspec Direct has gone live, giving your organisation the opportunity to subscribe to one of the largest online databases of scientific and engineering research directly from the IET.
Our new platform, an enhanced search interface of the Inspec Database, will support scientific and technical research in the corporate, industrial, government and academic sectors.
Get access to technical & engineering dataWith Inspec, you’ll have access to abstracts of millions of high quality, relevant peer-reviewed articles, conference proceedings and technical reports, via a secure and intuitive platform featuring state-of-the-art indexing, search features and analytical functionality.
Inspec Direct will provide you with a better way to drive discovery and innovation.
Arrange your free organisation trialFamiliarise yourself with our new platform and its enhanced functionalities by arranging your free trial today.
Trials are limited so please visit www.theiet.org/inspecdirect for your free trial.
With kind regards
The Inspec Team

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Get your free trial
Your organisation is invited to trial Inspec Direct for free.

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