Monday, December 7, 2009

See a new incident for an IEEE Bogus conference

They say:

We received this comment from Shie-Yuan Wang, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

I did attend the IEEE Bogus Conference on Sensor Networks 2009 in New Zeland

The tracks that I attended were of shameless quality.

The conference was also of a garbage eventI did attend more than 10 sessions and not all, but several papers, were absolutely the worst junk that I have seen in my life

Shie-Yuan Wang,

National Chiao Tung University,
Taiwan ROC

Also as Prof. J.Moran (IEEE fellow) claimed 3 years ago
" What is actually the IEEE Crappy Conferences?

The IEEE fake conferences that scam money out of academics using high registration fees,
accept everything rather than subjecting submissions to any sort of peer review
Try to google: IEEE Fake or IEEE Scam or IEEE Bogus"


Anonymous said...

Many Universities consider that many IEEE Conferences are garbage. Some of them consider that even in the IEEE Journals the review is quite ridiculous and has only to do with your public relations in IEEE and its conferences or if you have put as co-author
some important editor of IEEE

See these link and examine the word: unrefereed

Forward this message to your mailing lists with reference to us

Johari said...

YES, but the IEEE sells its name and services to many people that organize conferences just for money.
For example IARIA, (Petre Dini COnferences) , IIIS (Nagib Callaos Conferences)

Make a google search for IARIA IEEE fake conferences

The IEEE knows the problem , but it does not take measures