Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bogus conferences generate also Bogus Journals. Many IEEE Bogus conferences promise to you a publication in a bogus Journal


An Efficient Sampling Algorithm on Data Streams to Improve Closed Frequent Itemsets Mining Algorithms Results [Full Text]

Mohammad Saniee Abadeh and Mansour Tarafdar


Facing the Duplicates in a Greek Hospital Information System [Full Text]

E. Mourtou


Implementation of Approximate Reasoning Techniques using Vague Logic [Full Text]

Supriya Raheja, Reena Dadhich and Smita Rajpal


A Hybrid of Simulated Annealing and Fuzzy Data Mining Approach for Concept Extraction from Databases [Full Text]

Ayoub Bagheri, Maryam Zekri and Mohammad-A. Rigi


Spoofing A threat to Biometric Systems [Full Text]

Kezia R Badhiti and Prof.Sudha Thatimakula


Design and Analysis of Using a Programmable Network Interface for High Speed Networks beyond the 10 Gbps [Full Text]

Mohamed Elbeshti1 , Michael Dixon and Terry Koziniec


Design and Implementation of Extendable Media Streaming Application: Case Study of Windows 2003 Voice Recorder [Full Text]

Ezekiel U. Okike and Ayorinde Afolayan


Development and Deployment of Fixed Wireless Access in South West Nigeria: Performance and Evaluation [Full Text]

Oluwaranti Adeniran and Achimugu Philip


TD-PSOLA Based Emotional Speech Generation [Full Text]

A. Manpreet Kaur and B. Parminder Singh


The Impact of Information Technology in Nigeria’s Banking Industry [Full Text]

Oluwagbemi Oluwatolani, Abah Joshua and Achimugu Philip


Development of a Window Based Security System for Electronic Data Interchange [Full Text]

Achimugu Philip, Oluwagbemi Oluwatolani and Abah Joshua


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