Tuesday, November 27, 2012



Another "generator" of fake published papers is ENGINEERING INFORMATION INSTITUTE http://www.engii.org. These guys sent us almost every day their Spam. An evaluationg of their site yields the following:

a) ENGINEERING INFORMATION INSTITUTE uses in their bogus conferences the name and logo of IEEE and several IEEE societies like IEEE communications society, IEEE EMB, IEEE APS etc... However we have been informed by IEEE (after sending to IEEE several emails and finally got a reply) that IEEE has no idea about it. They use also the brand name and logos of IBM, SIEMENS, MICROSOFT and several other commercial companies without their permission and together with the academic sponsors. They demonstrate also names of several "universities" (names and logos) in India and China as sponsors. We do not know the quality of these universities and we do not think that ENGINEERING INFORMATION INSTITUTE got their official approval.
More Details here   http://www.engii.org/Journals.aspx
Click also on the picture below:

b) Almost all the invited speakers are from India, China and Japan. This implies lack of international diversity, necessary for international conferences.

c) They have as publisher in their bogus journals ( http://www.engii.org/Journals.aspx ) the bogus publisher SCIRP

Conclusion: ENGINEERING INFORMATION INSTITUTE as using the brand name of  several IEEE societies, IBM, SIEMENS, MICROSOFT and other big commercial names as well as several Indian and Chinese Universities (of dubious quality though) without their persmission and without their knowledge, having complete lack of international diversity and having as publisher in their journals the notoriously bogus publisher SCIRP, is after all a fake, bogus, junk "academic" publisher working only for the money of innocent (or not so innocent) academicians and scholars.
It is a total fraud and scam. Be aware of those academic criminals.

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Fake SCIRP and Fake engii.org said...

The fake and bogus ENGINEERING INFORMATION INSTITUTE http://www.engii.org
is the fake conferences' arm of the also fake SCIRP Publishing company www.scirp.org

Learn more about this fake publisher here: http://possibleexperience.blogspot.gr/2011/07/adventures-in-fake-academic-publishing.html