Monday, November 26, 2012

IEEE after duly spam ask sincere apologies for their fake conference: "Apologies for cross-posting of the email"

Their web site is:

Why is this fake and bogus IEEE Conference?

1. Because it is over-advertized by SPAM
2. Spam Emails are sent from various and strange non-academic addresses like,
3. In their emails they start with the phrase: "Apologies for cross-posting of the email."
4. So far, the majority of conferences is on the web without committee
5. Some of these conference have committee but they do not have serious committees with serious researchers.
5. Thys conferences is composed by 42 Conferences on everything related directly or indirectly with computational intelligence. The bogus IEEE conferences are listed below
6. Explanations about the review process are absent.

This is the list of the 42 parallel fake IEEE conferences.

CIfIoT 2013, IEEE International Workshop on Computational Intelligence for the Internet of Things

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