Tuesday, November 27, 2012



Another "generator" of fake published papers is ENGINEERING INFORMATION INSTITUTE http://www.engii.org. These guys sent us almost every day their Spam. An evaluationg of their site yields the following:

a) ENGINEERING INFORMATION INSTITUTE uses in their bogus conferences the name and logo of IEEE and several IEEE societies like IEEE communications society, IEEE EMB, IEEE APS etc... However we have been informed by IEEE (after sending to IEEE several emails and finally got a reply) that IEEE has no idea about it. They use also the brand name and logos of IBM, SIEMENS, MICROSOFT and several other commercial companies without their permission and together with the academic sponsors. They demonstrate also names of several "universities" (names and logos) in India and China as sponsors. We do not know the quality of these universities and we do not think that ENGINEERING INFORMATION INSTITUTE got their official approval.
More Details here   http://www.engii.org/Journals.aspx
Click also on the picture below:

b) Almost all the invited speakers are from India, China and Japan. This implies lack of international diversity, necessary for international conferences.

c) They have as publisher in their bogus journals ( http://www.engii.org/Journals.aspx ) the bogus publisher SCIRP

Conclusion: ENGINEERING INFORMATION INSTITUTE as using the brand name of  several IEEE societies, IBM, SIEMENS, MICROSOFT and other big commercial names as well as several Indian and Chinese Universities (of dubious quality though) without their persmission and without their knowledge, having complete lack of international diversity and having as publisher in their journals the notoriously bogus publisher SCIRP, is after all a fake, bogus, junk "academic" publisher working only for the money of innocent (or not so innocent) academicians and scholars.
It is a total fraud and scam. Be aware of those academic criminals.

Monday, November 26, 2012

IEEE after duly spam ask sincere apologies for their fake conference: "Apologies for cross-posting of the email"

Their web site is: http://www.ntu.edu.sg/home/epnsugan/index_files/SSCI2013/

Why is this fake and bogus IEEE Conference?

1. Because it is over-advertized by SPAM
2. Spam Emails are sent from various and strange non-academic addresses like gmail.com, yahoo.com
3. In their emails they start with the phrase: "Apologies for cross-posting of the email."
4. So far, the majority of conferences is on the web without committee
5. Some of these conference have committee but they do not have serious committees with serious researchers.
5. Thys conferences is composed by 42 Conferences on everything related directly or indirectly with computational intelligence. The bogus IEEE conferences are listed below
6. Explanations about the review process are absent.

This is the list of the 42 parallel fake IEEE conferences.

CIfIoT 2013, IEEE International Workshop on Computational Intelligence for the Internet of Things

Junk, fake and bogus conferences by the "Society of Digital Information and Wireless Communications (SDIWC)"

Fake - Junk Journals & Conferences from the Bogus Organization sdiwc.net. This publisher is not in the Jeffrey Beall fake list

We received several spam emails advertizing the Fake - Junk Journals and Conferences from the Bogus Organization www.sdiwc.net . Our portal has just added them in our black list. It seems also that they have 3 fake journals.

In their web page they report that their journals are indexed by IEEE and ACM which is obviously false and misleading. Conclusion: Avoid any relation with www.sdiwc.net. Do not send papers to theses academic criminals and do not serve as member in their committees. By the way, just now we see that the majority of the members in their committees are from 3rd world countries.

Source: fakejournals.blogspot.com


I was surprised when one of our editors told me that the name of Ashdin Publishing is found in the list of “Beall’s List: Potential, possible, or probable predatory scholarly open-access publishers” (http://scholarlyoa.com/publishers/) and I was surprised because of the following reasons:
  1. The author did not just mention the criteria for determining predatory open-access publishers, but he insisted on mentioning the full names and details of the publishers as well.
  2. Some of these criteria, for determining predatory open-access publishers, can be applied on a huge number of publishers (include some of the large and famous ones), but he did not mention any of them.
  3. Some of the publishers names are removed from this list without saying the reasons for this removal.
After I received the e-mail below, I am not any more surprised. Now, I am sure that the author, irrespective the good reasons he may has for preparing this list, wants to blackmail small publishers to pay him. 
I invite all of you to read what people say commenting on his article (http://www.nature.com/news/predatory-publishers-are-corrupting-open-access-1.11385)
Nature is removed and constantly the few negative posts against Beals article. 
Dr Gillian Dooley (Special Collections Librarian at Flinders University):
Jeffrey Beall’s list is not accurate to believe. There are a lot of personal biases of Jeffrey Beall. Hindawi still uses heavy spam emailing. Versita Open still uses heavy spam emailing. But these two publishers have been removed in Jeffrey Beall’s list recently. There is no reason given by Jeffrey Beall why they were removed. Jeffrey Beall is naive in his analysis. I think some other reliable blog should be created to discuss more fruitfully these issues. His blog has become useless.
Mark Robinson (Acting Editor, Stanford Magazine):
It is a real shame that Jeffrey Beall using Nature.com’s blog to promote his predatory work. Jeffrey Beall just simply confusing us to promote his academic terrorism. His list is fully questionable. His surveying method is not scientific. If he is a real scientist then he must do everything in standard way without any dispute. He wanted to be famous but he does not have the right to destroy any company name or brand without proper allegation. If we support Jeffrey Beall’s work then we are also a part of his criminal activity. Please avoid Jeffrey Beall’s fraudulent and criminal activity.
Now a days anyone can open a blog and start doing things like Jeffrey Beall which is harmful for science and open access journals. Nature should also be very alert from Jeffrey Beall who is now using Nature’s reputation to broadcast his bribery and unethical business model.
Now, I invite all of you in order to take all precautions and not being misled by this blackmailer.
Ashry A. Aly
Ashdin Publishing
——– Original Message ——–
SUBJECT:Open Access Publishing
DATE:Mon, 03 Dec 2012 17:39:18 +0000
FROM:Jeffrey Beall 
I maintain list of predatory open access publishers in my blog

Your publisher name is also included in 2012 edition of my predatory open
access publishers list. My recent article in Nature journal can be read


I can consider re-evaluating your journals for 2013 edition of my list. It
takes a lot my time and resources. The fee for re-evaluation of your
publisher is USD 5000. If your publisher name is not in my list, it will
increase trustworthiness to your journals and it will draw more article
submissions. In case you like re-evaluation for your journals, you can
contact me.

Jeffrey Beall