Wednesday, October 16, 2013

OMICS is a criminal organization. OMICS Fake Conferences. OMICS Bogus Conferences. OMICS Junk Conferences.

OMICS is a criminal organization. All academicians from all continents must avoid doing business with the OMICS (= COMICS) Group. Do not submit articles to OMICS. Do not agree to serve on their editorial boards. Do not review papers for OMICS bogus conferences or for OMICS bogus journals. Do not register for or attend their junk OMICS conferences. Also, be aware that OMICS has just established a separate fake brand called
that operates much the same as the bogus OMICS. Bogus OMICS may be experimenting with additional fake web brands designed to funnel people to the OMICS web pages.

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Rayan Gross said...

I found this paper in Springer Verlag:
You can download the full paper from this link:

As you can check the IEEE Data Base (IEEEXplore) contains at the moment more than 85 crappy papers (coputer generated garbage).

Before that, IEEE had removed 157 (one hundred and fifty seven — no 1 or 2) conference proceedings from its IEEEXplore repository as fake and bogus. Many people paid the registration fees (700 or 800 USD) to have their papers published in IEEE Xplore. They had them for a while and then IEEE deleted these fake conferences proceedings.